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We are offering sponsors an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate leadership, commitment, and visibility in supporting and promoting life-long learning for adult Canadians.


Sponsors will benefit through:

  • Branding, sales and promotion opportunities to an upscale, high net worth, well-educated audience
  • Significant and measurable return on investment
  • Increased visibility
  • Positive profile in promoting continuing education opportunities and daylong seminars featuring smart lectures on a variety of topics by world-class experts
  • Exposure to potential customers and media through: print, online and social media advertising, expected event attendance, promotional efforts, lead generation, event signage, advertising inclusion, viral marketing efforts, complimentary registrations, etc.
Download Request for Sponsorship

We offer sponsors the opportunity to participate at multiple levels. A full range of benefits for each level is detailed in the Request for Sponsorship.

Please contact us at 416-418-7204 or by email at to discuss sponsorship opportunities for these events.

Bronze sponsorship gives organizations positive visibility in promoting life-long learning and its benefits. There is no limit to the number of bronze sponsorships that will be available.
Gold standard sponsorship for organizations with a commitment and clear focus on the value of keeping mentally active and informed. A maximum of three gold sponsorships will be offered.
Silver level sponsorship allows organizations to demonstrate leadership and commitment to continuing education at a lower cost. No more than five silver sponsorships will be offered.
A single Media Partner sponsorship will be available on a per event basis to organizations that wishes to maximize their branding, visibility, and support opportunities with this educated, high net worth audience. These sponsorships will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
LUNCH SPONSOR (Full day sessions only)
Lunch sponsorship offers the opportunity for high visibility at the lunch which will be held in a dedicated lunch room. Sponsor benefits include special recognition at lunch, with the opportunity to provide signage and a kiosk at the luncheon session.