Gary consults on the formulation, branding, licensing, and other aspects of the manufacture, sale, and marketing of beverage alcohol products especially beer and spirits (whisky, vodka, etc.). He has a particular focus on Canadian beer, whisky and other alcohol regulations.

Tastings, Speaking and Events

Gary gives private group and corporate tastings, speaks, writes and teaches on beverage alcohol history and characteristics, and recreates historical tastings and dinners.


Gary writes on virtually every aspect of beer and spirits including their history both in Canada and internationally. He also publishes regularly in journals and newsletters. See in particular, Gary’s beer and food blog, where he posts multiple times weekly.


Lectures, Writing (Journal Articles, Magazines, and Blog)

Gary is available for interviews, to write articles including travel reports, podcasting, speaking at conferences, and providing other content in his specialty areas.

Gary was recently interviewed by “Rob on Beer”, for a series interviewing international figures in the beer world. It will appear on YouTube in early 2022.


Gary gives tutored tastings (beer, whiskey, other spirits, etc.) oriented to today’s market and tastes or to gain historical insight, sometimes paired with foods based on archival menus.


Shown is the product of a recent collaboration between Gary and Toronto-based Amsterdam Brewery. 1870 English AK Bitter is based on a historical recipe which Gary discovered in the course of his research.

Previously, Gary assisted the Granite Brewpub in Toronto to formulate a historical Ontario porter.

Gary is available to consult on further recreations.


Gary is planning a series of podcasts for 2022 on a variety of historical and contemporary topics in beer, spirits, other beverages, and food.