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Knowledgeable and professional alcohol consulting services.

We can supply you with top-of-the-line alcohol consulting and other related services! Don’t hesitate to contact Gary Gillman to discuss how he can help you.


Who Are We?

Gary has studied alcohol beverage history, production, sales, and marketing methods for decades, acquiring great knowledge and expertise. As a former business lawyer in Toronto, Canada, he represented numerous breweries and distilleries, using his industry and technical knowledge to achieve optimum results. In 2015, Gary established his website (“Beer et Seq”), where he writes on every aspect of beer and spirits including their history both in Canada and internationally. He also publishes regularly in journals and newsletters and speaks at conferences. Gary is currently establishing a podcast series to expand his audience and has created this website for his spirits consulting, speaking and events activities.

How Can We Help You?


Consulting services for all types of alcohol businesses.


Ask us about our beer or bourbon tastings events. Make your next company or private event a fun one!


Gary gives educational presentations both online and in person to large and small groups, whether they be industry conferences or corporate get-togethers.